The Search for the Lost…Bookkeeper?

By josh | Feb 16, 2017

I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark last week.  I really don’t watch much TV.  This movie is one of a handful that pulls me into a vortex.  It has a combination of adventure, history, Scripture, romance, and even comedy.  Spielberg at his best.  Here’s my favorite scene. OK.  Time to get tough.  It’s not a … Read more

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How Do You Stack Up in Your Industry?

By josh | Jan 19, 2017

How do you stack up in your industry?  Do you know?  Don’t feel bad.  I’m amazed how many just like you simply don’t even bother to look.  I was one of them too.  Now it’s usually the first place I start.  Why?  This is low-hanging fruit to help you build a valuable business.  Before implementing any … Read more

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Business Models and Reaching Your Potential

By josh | Jan 5, 2017

We tackled the #1 build a valuable business MASTERY strategy, Leadership, here, here, here, here, and here. Next up is your business model.  What’s your business model?  Your business model is how you serve your customers, deliver value, and make money.  Below is a matrix showing 4 business models.  Note the type of business in each box and the … Read more

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New Year's

4 New Year’s Ideas that Work for Me

By josh | Dec 19, 2016

We’re closing in on 2017.  That may mean you’re thinking of New Year’s resolutions.  I won’t tell you what to do and instead offer what I am doing and the reasons why.  I hope these suggestions help you achieve your business goals in the New Year. 1.  Schedule my Day “I think self-discipline is overrated”, … Read more

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Is Your CPA Adding Value?

Is Your CPA Adding Value? Are You Adding Value?

By josh | Dec 8, 2016

Is your CPA adding value?  I’m going to point the finger straight back at myself first.  For years, I did NOT do this.  Tax return, check.  Financial statement, check.  Business valuation report, check.  I would hand these products back to clients like you and think, “OK, I’m done here.”  But, was I?  What do those … Read more

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ten commandments

The 10 Commandments of Buying and Selling a Business, Part 3

By josh | Nov 22, 2016

If you missed last week’s post or the week before, please take a look those here and here.  Let’s wrap this up with the final 3 of 10 Commandments of Buying and Selling a Business. Thou shalt have systems that prevent catastrophic failure. Too many private businesses are hanging by a thread.  The owner is the … Read more

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