Greatest Hits for the Year

Greatest hits? Don’t rock stars do that when they’re out of material? Well, I’m no rock star and I’m not out of material yet. This is a thank you to those who read, watched, and interacted with my posts in 2019. I’m very grateful for your time and engagement. Below are some bullet points of what I learned about content and a #5 to #1 countdown of what you liked best. 

  • Should you do videos or write? Both! How much of each depends on your goals. Video is exploding faster than any medium and there’s no substitute for simplifying a complex topic (like business valuation) with a visual demonstration. But it’s also getting saturated, some video viewers aren’t engaged like readers, and some prefer to read instead of watch. It also takes longer to write a good post than put a good video together (after you practice a bit). 
  • How did I rank these? It was a judgment call. Should you rank on views or time on a post? Videos usually take less time to watch and may not be watched from beginning to end. However, good videos have a long shelf life and tend to grow good views over time on YouTube. There’s also the multitude of variables like timing, mood, re-sharing, algorithms, pictures, keywords, and posts I chose to pay to advertise. 
  • Keep content or kill it? I scrub my duds over time, particularly on my website. Some of it I thought would work only brought crickets. Other posts I thought were average drew good responses. You help me decide what stays and what goes. 
  • Should you post just for your target or more broadly? Many disagree but I do both. Putting out posts for your target audience (business owners) builds credibility and lets them understand you can solve their specific problem (how do I value and sell my business?). A post for a broader audience (kinda like this one) may be perceived as more generous. If all you do is pitch your goods and services, there’s a good chance you’ll turn your prospects (and everyone else) off. For whatever reason, my written posts tend to be broader and more philosophical while my videos are more targeted. My target audience needs more visual aids on complex business valuation topics.   

Without further ado, here’s the list:

#5 Imagine Value as a Journey instead of a Destination 

#4 Dangerous Valuation Myths and the Real Truth

#3 These Garbage Valuations Have to Stop

#2 Why the Balance Sheet Matters for Your Valuation

#1 Should You Get a Free Business Valuation?

Honorable mention on YouTube: Why I Don’t do Back of the Napkin Valuations and The Problems I Find Valuing Businesses Should Scare You

See you again in 2020!


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