How to Put 2019 in the Rearview and Smash 2020

If 2019 didn’t bring you all the customers, dollars, and fun you hoped, that’s okay. Commit to putting it behind you and smash 2020. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to reverse-engineer the successes I had. Starting from zero, it usually begins when you…

Do Something that Scares You
We don’t run from lions anymore but our heart pounds the same when we…
-> Send that cold email to a prospect or referral source.
-> Weigh in on an industry topic with peers above our weight class.
-> Write that controversial article.
What gets you excited and makes you scared too? Picture a positive result. Now go do the hard part. Why does this matter? It means you will…

Get Face-to-Face with the Right People
I’m active on social media and will continue to be. However, I remember the people I meet face-to-face that I seek to serve. And many of those introductions began with doing something scary (for me anyway). It’s usually not helpful just to bug people. Send them something valuable and put your own unique flavor on it. Then you can get in their office and see their face. You’ll get priceless questions, answers, emotions, and facial expressions. What’s the real gold here? You’ll…

Find Out What Your Customer Wants…and What they Don’t
There’s no substitute for asking someone what they need in a meeting. Then, listen very carefully. Listen as much for what they don’t say as what they do. There’s a lot of noise in the world today. You may be inclined to listen to this industry expert or that one. Don’t do it. Get it from the source—eyeball to eyeball on the street. Some of my preconceived notions were blown out of the water this year. This will force you to…

Niche Your Products and Services
You can’t be everything to everybody and there’s a good chance you’re not good at everything you’re offering right now. And that includes businesses with sales in the millions. Sales aren’t profits and profits aren’t cash. You’ll find the deeper you go in a niche, the better you’ll get, the more you can charge, and the happier your customers, employees, and you will be. When you get good, you can develop a more engaged audience. How can you leverage this for maximum impact?

Speak…A Lot
Speak live to people interested in the specific problems you solve. If you’ve conquered your fears, gathered data from the right people, and niched your offering, that’s a great start. But you should still speak if the house isn’t full at first. The most successful comedians in the world started out telling jokes in half-empty clubs. Use it as an opportunity to gather more data from your audience, adjust your offering and message, and start again. And remember, speaking using new virtual live tools counts too. Your prospective customers and referral sources are busy. Make it easy to attend but do it live so they’re engaged enough that they may ultimately buy from you.


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