30 Days Left to Do Most Important Tax Planning in 30 Years

Yes, only 30 days. That’s all the time you have left. Why? Today is 10/22 and Thanksgiving is 11/22. When was the last time you had a spare minute between Thanksgiving and Christmas? So, Thanksgiving is your real deadline. You’re busy so let’s hit the bullet points:

-> “Josh, you’re just trying to drum up business!” Not really. I don’t do tax work anymore. Consider this a public service announcement.
-> 2018 planning must be done in 2018. Just making sure I stress the obvious. No time machines.
-> Why does it matter? There’s a lot to consider but I can boil it down to one really big thing. Your tax entity structure has never been more critical. S corp, C corp, partnership, Schedule C?
-> You must run the numbers, ideally using commercial tax software with an expert. Pencil and paper won’t do. It’s too complex.
-> The best tax CPA I ever worked with called filing a tax return “taking out the trash.” When did he add value? In the fall – right now. Good tax CPAs are proactive; mediocre ones reactive.

A good summary of the changes is here. If you need help, please send me a message or give me a call.


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